You might be asking yourself, just what is poker training and why would a card player ever ”train” to play cards?  You would be stunned to learn just how much money both entry-level and expert card players are spending to receive individualized poker training lessons with some of the top poker professionals in the world.  Individualized poker training lessons can run the average person up to, and over, $2,000 per hour!

Where can a beginner gain poker training from multiple sources without costing thousands of dollars, yet still reap the same benefits and changes to your game?  The answer is simple.  The internet.

There are many of poker training websites accessible now that allow you to be seated at the comfort of your computer, learn openly from a trained coach, advance at your own rate, and all for just a tiny fraction of the cost!

Poker training is advancing with the use of the internet, webcam, poker hand history databases, and other technological advances that now allow for the trainer to record and edit himself/herself playing in-depth poker hands.  The coach can then advance the play in every hand, card-by-card, and go over any teaching points that he/she would like (i.e what were his/her beliefs, any misplays, challengers hand ranges, what he/she could have done differently, etc.).

Curious why anyone would pay to be trained by a poker professional?  For some time now, many poker players around the world have been earning huge incomes by playing cards.  Actually, there are many young adults making over $1mil a month!  The prize pool at 2010’s World Series of Poker Main Event by itself was almost $70million dollars, with one player winning nearly $9million dollars!

With chances to make money such as these year-round, why wouldn’t you study to advance your poker knowledge?  If your son was a decent or good basketball athlete, and Michael Jordan was coaching basketball lessons for $10,000 a month, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford it.  However,  if Michael Jordan was creating teaching videos daily, and you could subscribe to the database of online videos, it probably would not seem like such a far expense to pay $30 or so a month to get such informative tips!  What if someone said that the complete USA Men’s Basketball Team was putting together a basketball coaching video program, where each of them would upload videos frequently?  Suddenly $30-per-month looks like a must have bargain!

Poker training is exactly the same.  Similar to learning from an entire team, at some of the top poker training websites, you can learn from a group of pros eager to teach you their tips and strategies for success.  However, instead of having access to learn from only one or two pros, you get the chance to learn from many!  You can essentially be trained by multiple pros at numerous games and all sorts of varying stages!  Why would you pay a huge amount of money PER HOUR with one pro when you can be trained at your own convenience at a fraction of the price with multiple pros?

There are different types of training sites at all different levels, costs, focuses, and all offer varying features.  I recommend that you study the competition and read ratings for what you are attempting to gain out of the poker training site you choose.  For example, if you are seeking to be coached in No-Limit Holdem, you would not sign up for a poker training company that only trains in Stud.  Also, you should not sign up for a free training company and expect that the training you obtain will be similar to that of one where you have to spend a few dollars.  If you are looking for free poker training, look for 7 day trials that websites are offering for you to try out their sites!

Good luck!